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A Day in my Life... with Fifi the Fox

A Day with Fifi the Fox: Text

Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce a treasured member of the Nursery Fox class to you.

Fifi is the Nursery Foxes class pet and she has had a very exciting time this academic year. Each week, she travels home with a different member of the Fox class on a Friday and spends the weekend with them and their family. She also gets to participate in the different activities they have documenting them in her very own journal to share with the children. This week, the Foxes were very generous and allowed Fifi to come and spend the day with me and this is what we got up to!

fif rto l (2).jpg
A Day with Fifi the Fox: Text

Good Morning!

Despite being a fox, and so a usually nocturnal animal, Fifi loves the sunshine so she was very pleased when it was both dry and sunny in the morning for my morning duty. She is a very sociable fox and particularly liked greeting all the children, making sure they got in to school safely; the little chats she had with the children as they walked to class was a definite highlight of her day.

Once I had finished my duty, Fifi and I went to see the Pre-Nursery Badgers and played Drs with some of the children. Fifi was a little camera-shy, so she didn’t want me to share her pictures. She had a lovely time though!

fifi morning.jpg
fifi teams 2.JPG

Fifi’s first online meeting

Fifi was very helpful when I had an important online meeting. She helped me with logging on and reminded me about making sure my camera was on so that the other person could see me. She was very well behaved when I was on the call and didn’t interrupt me once. What a great start to the day!

Fifi goes to ‘Talk it Out’

During break times, all of the children in Y1 – 6 have the opportunity to talk to one of the teachers in a quiet space if they have anything they would like to talk about. Mr Newland is our Wellbeing Coordinator, so he was able to tell Fifi all about how ‘Talk it Out’ works. She thought this was a great idea and was very happy that she now knows who she can talk to if she has any worries.

A Day with Fifi the Fox: News

Fifi gets called to see the Principal!

No, don’t worry, Fifi wasn’t in trouble! She is very proud of her special journal, so she wanted to show it to Mr Lancaster. She spent some time helping me explain some of the Chinese New Year traditions she celebrated when she was with one of the Nursery Fox families. She had a wonderful time and especially liked all of the different foods she tried.

EWE Fifi.jpg
fif rto l.jpg

Fifi meets a pastoral leader

I meet with all of my leadership team every week to discuss what is happening in our primary school and what exciting experiences the children have been having. Fifi listened very carefully when Mr Thompson was telling me about all of the wonderful things happening in Y1 – 3 and was very relieved to hear that all of our children were trying their best during assessment week as well as having lots of fun between their assessments. Year 2 particularly enjoyed their time on the bikes!

It's all about the books!

Our afternoon was jam-packed and started with a reading session with Y2. I am on a mission to read with every class in the Primary school and so Fifi came with me to read with 2P. Fifi and I share a passion for reading; it is her favourite pastime as well as mine. Again, Fifi was just as well behaved as the children so we all had a very relaxing time.

fifi y2 l.jpg
A Day with Fifi the Fox: News

Fifi is Unplugged!

Our very busy afternoon continued with Term 2’s soloist recitals, BISS Unplugged. She had a thoroughly enjoyable time listening to some of our super talented students. We heard children play the flute, clarinet, violin and piano. Our hands were very sore after all that clapping and our faces ached with all the smiling. A really enjoyable time.  

Fifi had such a wonderful time listening to all of the musicians that she wanted to showcase her talents too. I hadn’t realised she was such a talented pianist… One of the loveliest things about these sessions is listening to people we didn’t realise had such special talents.

assembly 2 l.jpg

The final activity of the day – assembly

Fifi loves spending time with the children just as much as I do, so she absolutely loved the assembly with Y1. We talked about the second of our values – Identity. This was quite a difficult concept for our younger students, but they did a great job of thinking about ways in which we share an identity. Fifi loves being ‘Part of the Pride’.

We also shared a story called ‘You be You’. Fifi really liked that because it is a story about everyone being different and that being OK. She also liked getting to listen to another story!

A Day with Fifi the Fox: News

After a very busy afternoon, suddenly it was then the end of the day and time for a very tired but happy Fifi to return to the Nursery Foxes. Thank you for spending the day with me Fifi and I can’t wait to spend some time with Waya the Wolf next week! I wonder what we will get up to?

A Day with Fifi the Fox: Text

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to 
change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

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